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STIMULUS inhibits the activity of the enzyme urease that converts urea to ammonia. It is environmentally safe: derived from natural plant extract; no chemicals, dyes or fragranc- es. Also, stimulates the micro organisms present in the waste.


BCP10 will degrade complex organic chemicals such as phenols, benzene compounds, surfactants and alcohols. It removes chemical deposits and prevents scum formation in holding tanks, sewers, drains and aeration basins.


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    We focus on green products and environmentally friendly, it does not contribute to improving the environment, but more importantly, it contributes to repel harmful chemicals are gradually destroying our environment.


    Công ty chúng tôi cung cấp các sản phẩm xử lý môi trường cho quý khách hàng cùng với đội ngũ tư vấn chuyên nghiệp và chuyên môn cao, đồng thời còn có sự hỗ trợ kỹ thuật từ các chuyên gia nước ngoài.

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Includes a strain of lactobacillus to lower pH.
• Increase fish and shrimp farm yield;
• Lower pH;
• Reduce sludge;
• Improve effluent quality;
• Reduce odours;
• Reduce ammonia and other toxins.

Maintaining the clarity of fish farms is often difficult, especially in warm weather, due to excess suspended solids. This can be a commercial as well as an aesthetic problem when aerated ponds are used for fish farming. Bioaugmentation will reduce cloudiness and promote settling of suspended solids. BCP54 will work at low oxygen levels since it contains both aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria to digest and displace the filamentous life forms that are frequently present.
During April I had an algal bloom and suspended solids the like of which I have never seen before. The problem was so serious that the season was probably going to be lost. I used BCP54 throughout May with some effect, but with the warm weather at the beginning of June it went backwards. I increased the dosage and by the end of the month my water was clean. July with its high temperatures filled me with concern, but I need not have worried. At the time of writing my water is still gin clear. In fact, throughout July the lake fished better than I have ever seen before in such temperatures. Another plus . . .my fish mortality rates have dropped by at least 60%.

Biologicals have two functions in aquaculture:
• Breakdown organic matter at the bottom of the pond (fecal matter, unused food, shrimp carcasses);
• Control surface algae. Effective biological control
• Eliminates ammonia and H2S;
• Reduces waste products at the bottom of the pond and makes cleanout easier;
• Controls algae and improves water cleaning;
• Prevents off-flavors and off-odors.

Lagoons Systems —
• Facultative and aerobic systems — application rate is based on the lagoon surface area:
+ Day 1-5 20 kg/10,000m2/day
+ Day 6+ 2 kg/10,000m2/week
• Lagoons in cold climates — commence program when the water temperature is at least 110C (500F) BCP54 can depress dissolved oxygen levels initially, especially in ponds or lagoons with high organic content. BCP 54 inhibits algae and plant growth for better water clarity.

For individual consultation about your system, contact your BIONETIX technical representative.



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